Come Get the Goodness

Come Get the Goodness
So much love, so much yo, salad, juice, soup, kombucha, kale krisps, hummus, and and and...get in here!

Let it Yo Let it Yo Let it Yo

Even though it's still 80 degrees some days we are officially into our winter hours at delisheeeYo. Open 11 to 7 Monday to Saturday and 12 to 6 on Sunday. New cooler weather menu items are in production, such as the Buddah Bowl...a daily steamed grain and legume combo served simply with a dollup of virgin coconut oil, a scattering of nuts and a little touch of green. Our famous Veggie Chili will be replacing the Cuban Black Bean (it really does need to get a little colder though) in the next weeks. Other cool happenings...our web site is almost done and it's sooo fun. Mad Monkey Media Designs in Charlotte is putting the last touches on the site and this blog will then be merged with the new webbeee. We can't wait! And month delisheeeYo will be sharing a full page ad in Bon Appetite Magazine...yes...Bon Appetite! Cause we're a conscious businesses featuring local products we were asked to be a part of Hilton Head's annual marketing blitz through the prestigious magazine (what? 300,000 circulation!!) So check out the December issue and look for a little photo of yours truly holding up a cup a Yo. Though the weather outside is...well...amazing...the Yo is still ablazing...let it Yo let it Yo let it Yo!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mangos...who knew?

So. Did you know that mangos are the most widely consumed fruit in the world? I didn't. It thought sure it would be bananas or apples, but it turns out, the most popular fruit is mango. And as a topping choice on our yo...mangos are right up there...but #1 is strawberries. But mangos are amazing, totally high fiber, mega vitamin C and best source of Beta Carotene (vitamin A in an orange suit). And they are delicious. Stop by delisheeeYo and get your mango on.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Count Down to Bonelessness...

Just a few short days and our Kombucha Queen, Brew Mitress, Swirly Mamma and my long time good friend miss Wendy Layton (the wen-bone) will be rollin' West. Folks at the shop have been inquiring for days about her whereabouts which speaks for the impact Wen has had on our little community of yo-lovers. Her enthusy-spastic energy, super-saleswomenship and pro Chef C spin has earned her the love she so deserves. Soak it up my friend! Maybe we can lure her back sometime for a cameeeYo appearance. Until then Chef is lining up a couple of nice new people to energize the shop and keep the good feelin's alive.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chef C serving up the melon at the Beach Bum Triathalon. Local, seedless, icy cold and delisheee. We don't usually serve out of trash cans but it seemed like the right choice here.....

When the Yo don't flow, Watermelon will Do.

Yola rainy day dreamers. Good thing this rain held out for a day so Go Tri Sports here on the posh rock could hold their annual August Beach Bum Triathlon. Thanks for letting us put out marketing junk in your race packets Al. The 10% discount is a deal not to be missed. We set up a delisheeebooth of juicy, locally grown (the last of the crop from one of our local farmers) seedless, sweet cold watermelon, supplied by my buddy and Organic produce dealer-Tyrone-down at the south end Piggly Wiggly. I know this all sounds very down home and local and you're right is. Small local businesses working together to bring goodness to a fun local event. TK and I screemed through 30 melons and wow...were the athletes grateful for that bit of icy cool refreshment. I would have loved to whip some Yo on them but alas, yogi mommy (our vintage soft serve machine) doesn't travel. But the melon was a home run and we got free shirts! I love my life!!

Rainy Day and Tart Yogurt!

The rain is not keeping the faithful away from Delisheee Yo!

No, it's not as busy as usual, but rain or shine.. people crave the yo! Truthfully, I do too.

It is indeed raining quite a bit out there today and while it's letting up, I think it'll continue for a bit.
We have had people seeking us out for our kombucha and finding us on Fun little things to aid in bringing business!

I am excited to see what the winter season will foster in the way of fun and tasty morsels in here! I have a feeling the place is only going to continue to build. Chef C will be churning out something delectable to be sure!

Today's fave ingredient has definitely been the cherries. They have been flying outta here for the last 3 days in fact. I finally broke down and had some in the yo.. and it was sooooo good! Wow! I never knew!

Around here, the kids start school tomorrow, and the college kids drive back to where they are attending school. Sad to see some of these folks go... nice people here for sure!

Stay tuned for mo' fro' yo' happenings!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Looks like it's getting ready to storm out there! And know what? We still have the perfect refuge in ANY kind of weather! It's easy to say that our tart frozen yogurt is refreshing when it's so out, but it's good anytime! In fact, it's kinda delish with just some granola for bfast!

Anyhow, our search for a new Mistress of Yo continues. I am in fact heading back to the land of quirky people I call home in Bisbee Arizona.

Let me say this about working at Delisheee Yo..

Working for Chef C is fabulous! She is one of the best people I have ever known. And I have known her for over 20 years. It's fun here! The people who come in are excited out this awesome treat! And they get how this place is a cool little vortex of awesomeness in Hilton Head. I highly recommend looking into this job opening here. I have a feeling that great things are in store for Delisheee Yo, and this could be a killer ground floor opportunity for the right person!

Other than that, I am jamming out in the shop to Scout (my pal Ashen Keilyn's band) and it soooo works in here! I think Scout is one of my fave indie bands of all time! They are playing NYC at The Living Room on August 13th if you are so inclined!

My yo today was straight up plain. Sometimes this yo in it's pure form is just what ya need!

And thanks to all of you coming in form finding us on!!! I love hearing that that one little thing has helped so many of you find us!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Yes it's true, and sad sad sad, our beloved swirly sista with the sick jams and the ready laughter is forsaking us for her desert digs. Come September the wonderful Wendy will be leaving the posh rock. So, we got a big bad pair of flip flops (with ortho support) to fill in the next weeks. Any one out there wanna throw down for a sweet little part-time job, drop by delisheeeYo.
Sad face, little tear drop symbol, soggy Kleenex.

Monday, August 2, 2010

delisheeeT's are flowin'

If you have been loving the groovy retro paint patterns adorning our little walls, good news! You will soon be able to strut your stuff in a home-screened delisheeeYo Tee. Our gifted house artist Vanessa Vermond is in the studiYo with the YuDo now, squeegeein' some gorgeous designs to elevate your wardrobe. They are going to fly so get here soon. And...the local blueberries are almost done, we will be moving north with the crop through the summer but the SC grown have been scrump...get um while they last.