Come Get the Goodness

Come Get the Goodness
So much love, so much yo, salad, juice, soup, kombucha, kale krisps, hummus, and and and...get in here!

Let it Yo Let it Yo Let it Yo

Even though it's still 80 degrees some days we are officially into our winter hours at delisheeeYo. Open 11 to 7 Monday to Saturday and 12 to 6 on Sunday. New cooler weather menu items are in production, such as the Buddah Bowl...a daily steamed grain and legume combo served simply with a dollup of virgin coconut oil, a scattering of nuts and a little touch of green. Our famous Veggie Chili will be replacing the Cuban Black Bean (it really does need to get a little colder though) in the next weeks. Other cool happenings...our web site is almost done and it's sooo fun. Mad Monkey Media Designs in Charlotte is putting the last touches on the site and this blog will then be merged with the new webbeee. We can't wait! And month delisheeeYo will be sharing a full page ad in Bon Appetite Magazine...yes...Bon Appetite! Cause we're a conscious businesses featuring local products we were asked to be a part of Hilton Head's annual marketing blitz through the prestigious magazine (what? 300,000 circulation!!) So check out the December issue and look for a little photo of yours truly holding up a cup a Yo. Though the weather outside is...well...amazing...the Yo is still ablazing...let it Yo let it Yo let it Yo!

Monday, June 28, 2010



Now we are finally up on YELP.

Let's see if it further enhances the searching prospects for those seeking a healthy and friendly outpost from all the heavy food on Hilton Head.

Look, I know people are on vacation... but healthy people travel too! And want to know something?

Our Tart Frozen Yogurt tastes so good, you may not want ice cream ever again!

I'm just sayin'..

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yo Baby!

The Amazing Alizah!

What better way to treat the kids on the way to or from the beach than a healthy delisheee yo treat??

She was impressed!!

We stayed open later than usual on Friday and Saturday, so if business keeps building we can make that a regular happening!

However or whenever you get here... just get here and give yourself a real treat that's good fo' yo' tummy!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let's talk about nice.

How sweet that a nice woman came over from the restaurant next door to ask how late we were gonna be open? How happy was I to say that I wouldn't close till her crew came over for some yogurt? I know... it could be 10 pm before they get here.. but dinner goes late here... and you need the yo after your meat fest! It'll help you digest!

Group of 15 late?

Bring it!

Natalia Zukerman

(Natalia pictured above)

So here at the yo shop, we had some Natalia Zukerman playing off of her cd "Brand New Frame" and I was having a perfect moment of incredible music and a ridiculously delicious shot of kombucha.

Knowing that Ms. Zukerman loves the komboo... I know it was one of those sweet moments that you just kind of sit back and appreciate for the fleeting thing it was. I did just that.

Natalia is playing in Columbia,SC on July 1st and Atlanta on the 2nd. Just have to decide which show to get to.. but I will not miss her playing in the area for sure!

She sure would like the komboo we have going on over here... might have to bottle some up and bring it to her.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So this is our mohawk scrubbie guy... he makes cleanup fun around here!

We have some delicious tastes of summer here today! Besides the ONLY tart frozen yogurt on Hilton Head Island, we are doing up some fresh watermelon juice and I have some organic mangos and peaches that are simply mouth watering!

It continues to get busier around here. It's mostly locals which is cool, and the lucky tourists who find us. The funny thing is, if a group of tourists DOES find us, they come in every day till they leave! I swear! It really is that good!

Fresh, local and organic whenever possible, and all of the best of the best ingredients!

And the kombucha?

Out of this world faboo!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

And we are on the verge!

Our amazing and fantastically creative and delicious friend Gretchen Baer did some seriously cool oil painting for the superfoods that we are featuring here...

The painting above is for the goji berry!

We should have them up by next week when they hopefully will be dry enough!


And the fun keeps rolling in! We are stocking up on some healthy things for folks to take away to use at home and for some healthy snacks. Agave nectar with the lowest price offered on Hilton Head Island! We also just got in some Vita Coco water, and we now have the "Surfer Mix" snack bag to go.

The smoothie business is jumpin' and we have to thank "All About Me" and "Jiva Yoga" for sending in some of their friends.

Community... it's all about community.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Yogurt Social!

That would be fun, right?

Before you hit the beach, or get out on that boat to go fishing... stop in before you head out into the heat! And then of course, come back for more after your outdoor activities!

It's nice and cool in here!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Behold the power !

Yes... the raspberry! Organic.. sweet... and the perfect topper to a Delisheee Yo "YoFaye" as we call it.

We have some designer chocolate sauces that go perfectly on any of the offerings.

Classic, Mocha and the ever popular Aztec (chipotle/cinnamon) and they all are handcrafted here in the shop.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hot and sweaty?

That means it's time to pop in for a cool healthy treat!

We have 3 flavors of Delisheee pops today.. and our new batch of kombucha is available. I will say this, in my 6 years of drinking the komboo... this batch is the best!

If you love kombucha and are on Hilton Head Island, you must swing by for some!

I'm gonna go ahead and say it's the best kombucha Hilton Head has to offer!

Oh... and the tart yogurt?? It's so refreshing. The reviews are over the top!

Vacation on Hilton Head? Local to Hilton Head? Passing through for a game of golf or some time on the beaches? We have superfood smoothies and delicious fresh local and organic toppings and are ready to swirl you a delissheee yo treat!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yo Baby!

Yo Yo Yo!!! Yo Baby!!!

Another very satisfied customer! Here is the wee Miss Olivia taking in some Delisheee Yo and I believe a blueberry.

Cutie Patootie!


We have our swanky designer healthy water ready to go! Pi Mag water in the house!

While I'm no scientist... it's quite tasty that's all the science I personally need. But there are all kinds of magnets and minerals filtering the water slowly to make it delicious.

And let me tell you... as the summer heat really ramps up around these parts, Delisheee Yo has

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The word is getting out!

Steady stream of people seeking one of the best outlets of the healthy, sweet treats on Hilton Head Island today! We are featuring a carrot pineapple juice and a coconut/pineapple delisheee pop as well as super thirst quenching Volcanic Lemonade!

The feed back has been amazing!

Cant wait to watch how fast this all grows (like our kombucha scoby!)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Step Into Delicious!

My Friends,

This blog will be all about a beautiful little yogurt shop that is going to change the face of Hilton Head South Carolina.

Delisheee Yo is open as of Saturday June 5th! Finally The doors are wide open and receiving people who seek a healthy refuge in a land where the elite meet to eat reheated meaty treats.

Delisheee Yo is the brainchild of Cathryn Matthes, otherwise known as Chef C. in these parts. A healthy food chef who is dedicated to TRUE health and beauty!

Serving a fat-free tart frozen yogurt and smoothies, freshly juices beverages and house made kombucha, this is on of the VERY few places on Hilton Head to actually get nourished in a good healthy fashion.

Come in.. and Step Into Delicious!