Come Get the Goodness

Come Get the Goodness
So much love, so much yo, salad, juice, soup, kombucha, kale krisps, hummus, and and and...get in here!

Let it Yo Let it Yo Let it Yo

Even though it's still 80 degrees some days we are officially into our winter hours at delisheeeYo. Open 11 to 7 Monday to Saturday and 12 to 6 on Sunday. New cooler weather menu items are in production, such as the Buddah Bowl...a daily steamed grain and legume combo served simply with a dollup of virgin coconut oil, a scattering of nuts and a little touch of green. Our famous Veggie Chili will be replacing the Cuban Black Bean (it really does need to get a little colder though) in the next weeks. Other cool happenings...our web site is almost done and it's sooo fun. Mad Monkey Media Designs in Charlotte is putting the last touches on the site and this blog will then be merged with the new webbeee. We can't wait! And month delisheeeYo will be sharing a full page ad in Bon Appetite Magazine...yes...Bon Appetite! Cause we're a conscious businesses featuring local products we were asked to be a part of Hilton Head's annual marketing blitz through the prestigious magazine (what? 300,000 circulation!!) So check out the December issue and look for a little photo of yours truly holding up a cup a Yo. Though the weather outside is...well...amazing...the Yo is still ablazing...let it Yo let it Yo let it Yo!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Are you Green Enough?

When was the last time you went out to eat and were offered a full-on organic salad with exactly what you wanted in it, just the right size, cut fresh before your eyes, with the world's best ever salad dressing? about never! Come and get some green goodness by the ounce packed into a biodegradable quart with plant starch bio fork. Ya babe...get healthy and do the right thing for planet mama all at the same time.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Just in case you didn't know, we are on a mission:

Our Delisheee Mission:

To bring great tasting, super-quality, health-promoting, consciously sourced, and lovingly prepared food to our community, and to serve joyfully, with extraordinary hospitality and gratitude, in a clean, vibrant and artful environment. To build our business with the smallest footprint possible, by buying locally, recycling and composting what we can and using non-toxic cleaners, and biodegradable disposables to create a healthy business, a healthier community, and a cleaner and safer country and world, so everyone, and all the creatures, may thrive and increase happiness.

Eat Elate Elevate